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On the road (the portrait series), 2016

Digital C-Print and photo transfer, acrylic and watercolor on leaves

Various dimensions

In this body of work, I investigate the human form in various landscapes and in the midst of nature. The surface of the work, leaves, are a direct connection to the landscape and the photographs were taken at various locations; the Royal Stables in Abu Dhabi, the mountains and parks in Fujairah and Khorfakkan, and the sea at Saadiyat Island


The work explores the concept "we're all connected" - this to me is vast and fluid. In this little world of ours, we're all connected, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Nature and mankind are intertwined at the core. Being interconnected is both hidden and concealed, and it is when one quiets the mind and heart that it can be felt.

Leaf Horizon (Study of the Emirates), 2010

Watercolor and acrylic on Silver Maple leaves

Various dimensions

Installation at Ghaf Gallery, Abu Dhabi 

In this body of work, I investigated the landscape of my current direct environment. During a short travel through the Emirates, I attempted to re-capture the journey and those fleeting moments.

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