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Sand and Sky (Diptych), 2016

Collected, found and assembled materials in metal suitcases

17 cm (6 3/4 inches) height x 61 cm (24 inches) length x 31 cm (12 3/4 inches) width, each suitcase

This project is site-specific and inspired from the inherent relationship of the nomadic nature of how we have derived our materials for consumption; from the ancient Silk Road to our current time. This work honors the journeys, the places and the people that were encountered and are responsible for this process.

Suitcase from Iran, 2015

Collected and assembled materials in suitcase

24 inches x 29 inches x 16 inches (60 cm x 73 cm x 40 cm)

Final Steps & Cleansing (For Bahram), 2015

Collected materials, photographs, cards inside a wooden box

21 inches x 2 inches x 24 inches (53cm x 5 cm x 60 cm)

This work was made in wishing well and healing. The objects inside the wooden box are deeply personal and symbolic in conjunction to finding the journey of self-recovery.

The Freedom Party, 2015

Cage, collaged images on plastic toy table and wooden toy ladder with grass seeds planted at the bottom of the cage

Grass seeds planted on Friday July 17th at 4:46 pm

21 inches x 2 inches x 24 inches (53 cm x 5 cm x 60 cm)

The conversation in this work is in conjunction to the societal conditioning of marriage. This work was made following my separation, and the images and objects are symbolic of those moments.