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lost/found, 2018

Single Channel Video

00:02:29 minutes

The work reflects moments in time in which the landscape is utilized symbolically as a metaphor. The conversation is from the viewpoint of a feminine voice, linked with the ocean and the moon. Each landscape is symbolic and representative to experiences felt and lived, but ephemeral in nature. From being lost one is found, and inner truth is found.

we're all connected, 2015

Single Channel Video

00:05:26 minutes 

This work explores the concept of "we’re all connected"—this to me is vast and fluid. In this little world of ours, we’re all connected, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Nature and mankind are intertwined at the core. One action offers a reaction, both positive and negative. This connectedness can be both instrumental in the act of doing good, and providing kindness and care, as well as in the reverse if our actions are derivative of the opposite energy in negativity and selfishness. Being interconnected is both hidden and concealed, and it is when one quiets the mind and heart that it can be felt.

on the road (be fekret hastam), 2013

Single Channel Video

00:06:40 minutes 

Abu Dhabi-based Naz Shahrokh’s latest work, “on the road (be fekret hastam)”, is a conversation with Jack Kerouac and his novel “On the Road”. The scroll like form represents Kerouac’s process of working on the scroll for his novel, while the work is also conversation with the energy of the Beat Generation and the philosophy inherent with that period of Zen Buddhism, the practice of consciously living in the now, while walking through the journey of life. This work is a narrative describing the theory in metaphysics of twin souls.

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